Collection: Azalea Root

The roots of the Azalea are known for their twisting, graceful shapes. Well-known for use in the aquarium, commonly known as Spiderwood, this form of Azalea's Roots, is just as good

Azalea Root is amazing, and it's hard to believe that this is due to its natural form. With plenty of intertwining branches, and a deep sense of structure it is once again proved to be the best artist, still in the mother nature. A nice layout of the aquarium is to use this hardscape material with ease. Those into the forest-scape, it is actually not to be missed.

In the aquarium, Azalea roots tend to stay afloat. After some time, it will be saturated and will remain under the water. Even so, there will be mold growth that blankets over the wood, and it will disappear on its own. In a terrarium/paludarium, it will also be easy to use.