Collection: Lily Pipes

The collective term "Lily Pipe" is used in aquascaping to describe glass in- and outflows of the external filter. "Pipe" is the name of the filter tube and "Lily" is the term for the emitter which is modeled in the shape of a Zantedeschia’s ("Calla Lily") blossom. It’s connected to the pressure side of the filter and -thanks to its function- is called "outflow"in technical jargon.

On the suction side, however, a curved filter tube is used, which is equipped with corresponding slots through which the water is drawn into the filter. This glassware is called "Inflow"

By using glass, often in combination with clear filter hoses, a sizeable amount of technology turns practically invisible inside the tank. So the spectator can enjoy an unobstructed view on his aquascape.

Nowadays many different models of Lily Pipes are offered, which differ in terms of design and function. There are glass filter pipes in different sizes, suitable for the respective hose diameters. Also extra small glassware, which fits into a nano-aquarium in an optically pleasing manner, is available from our range. However, above all, the resulting type of flow or stream is different depending on the respective design. Here is a brief overview.