Collection: Classic Nature Aquarium Plant Collection

Classic Nature Aquarium Plant Collections as the name suggests provides you the necessary plants required for creating nature style aquascape. The collection consists of various epiphyte plants (plants that grow on wood/rock), Cryptocoryne and easy stem plants. 

Nature style aquariums are very popular with basic principle of creating an aquascape that looks as natural as possible. It is recommended to use natural wood branches and rocks to create a structure or 'frame' for your layout and for plants to grow on. 

Nature style aquarium is a great style for beginners starting their first planted aquarium. Plants in these collections are a great starting point for a nature style aquscape as there is a mix of lower maintenance plants that are undemanding and are easy to care for. They can offer great possibilities of creating an aquascape that looks complex yet easy to maintain. Any additional plants you require can be purchased separately

Nature style collections are chosen accordingly by us and  will vary week to week depending on the stock we have in. You are always guaranteed a great mix of plants for a Nature Style Aquascape. Should any specific plants becom