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60L Aquarium Chiller

60L Aquarium Chiller

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Aquarium Water Chiller 60L Fish Tank Cooler System 10-30℃ Temperature Setting Constant Quiet 60L for Home Fish Shrimp Breeding Aquaculture with Pump (60L Chiller)

[ADJUSTABLE CONSTANT WATER COOLER]The aquarium cooler can adjust the temperature of 10-30 Celsius, real-time monitoring of water temperature, automatic constant temperature

[LOW NOISE] Silent fan, running sound no higher than 35-45 dB

[ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION] Using electronic refrigeration technology, environmental protection and no emissions

[HIGH-EFFICIENCY ENERGY-SAVING COMPRESSOR] Built-in high-efficiency energy-saving compressor, support automatic constant temperature function, circulation refrigeration technology, more accurate temperature control

[WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATION] Widely used in homes, hotels, aquariums, fish tanks, fish farms, and other fields. Also suitable for aquatic creature, aquaculture, fish, crystal shrimp, coral and jellyfish


Power: 200W/H

Temperature setting range:10-30℃

Applicable water pipe:8mm inner diameter pipe

Fish tank capacity:≤60L



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