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Aquario Aquarium Maintenance Conditioner Bundle

Aquario Aquarium Maintenance Conditioner Bundle

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Neo C (Size)
Neo V (Size)

Maintaining an aquarium requires time and patience and with the right aquarium liquid conditioners, it can make the aquarium hobbyist's life a lot easier. When fish are healthy and water parameters are stable, live aquatic plants are also able to grow healthily, resulting in a well balanced planted aquarium.

Aquario Neo C water Conditioner is a newly formulated tap water dechlorinator that will neutralise any chlorine, chloramine, ammonia and ammonium from water sources. It also contains trace minerals to improve aquarium livestock activity, digestion and long term health. It does not disrupt the growth of beneficial bacteria and will instead aid its exponential growth.

Aquario Neo V Water Conditioner contains natural humic acids, trace minerals and amino acids that will reduce nitrates in an aquarium. When used as directed, livestock appetite and spawning rates will significantly improve.

Usage Recommendation

Neo C - Add 5mL Neo C to every 200L 

Neo V - Add 10mL Neo V to every 40L 


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