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Aquarium Chiller

Aquarium Chiller

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  • Constant Stable Temperature - Pure titanium evaporator achieves the most efficient heat exchanging, corrosion resistant, for both fresh and salt water. The temperature of the chiller can be well controlled at 20-26°C, the ideal temperature range for your aquarium. If you want to drop below 20℃, the water volume is recommended to be below 100L.
  •  High-efficiency Freon free compressor - The aquarium chiller adopt a energy-saving refrigeration compressor, using r134a refrigerant, circulating cooling without pollution and do not need to be supplemented.
  • Built-in fan for fast cooling - The two built-in fans can dissipate compressor heat well, so that the compressor can work efficiently for a long time. In addition, there are a large number of heat dissipation holes on both sides of the machine, so there must be a space of 15 cm around the chiller to ensure good air circulation.
  •  Safety Protection Function - The water cooler is equipped with an overcurrent automatic shutdown protection system and a power-off temperature memory system. After powering off and restarting, the machine will continue to cool according to the original set temperature.


Model: AL-SF102 (New 2023 Model)*
Power: 1/10HP
Cooling Water Volume: <160L
Hose Size: 12/16mm
Recommend flow rate: 500-800L/H
Refrigerant: R134a
Product Size: 340x200x320mm
Weight: 8.6KG

Model: AL-300
Power: 1/3HP
Cooling Water Volume: <300L
Hose Size: 12/16mm
Recommend flow rate: 600-1000L/H
Refrigerant: R134a
Product Size: 290x290x320mm
Weight: 17KG

Model: AL-500
Power: 1/2HP
Cooling Water Volume: <500L
Hose Size: 12/16mm
Recommend flow rate: 1000-2000L/H
Refrigerant: R134a
Product Size: 335x370x340mm
Weight: 22KG

*Model AL-160 has been discontinued

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