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Barracuda Marine DC Pump (2nd Gen)

Barracuda Marine DC Pump (2nd Gen)

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2nd generation Controllable DC Water Pump with Controller for Marine or Freshwater Aquarium.

  1. Solid Construction: reduce the attrition and increase the service life.
  2. Smart Controller: 100 Adjustable Speed & 10 min pause feed mode; memory function can keep the same setting after every restart.
  3. Multiple-Safe Protection: IC chip control, LACK OF WATER protection, protection and True Soft Startup.
  4. Energy Saving With Low Noise: Ultra-quiet operation design. Less power consumption with high output which compared to other pumps.
  5. Easy Installation: Adjustable outlet direction a, to meet different requirements.
  6. Multiple-Usage: DC Flow Rate pump can be used as submersible or inline.
  7. Submersible & external: Suitable for amphibious use, can operate in Marine and Fresh Water
Model  Max Flow Rate Power Lift Connection Size Dimension
DC650 650L/H 8W 1.5M 16mm Hose or 20mm PVC pipe 75*55*65mm
DC1000 1000L/H 12W 1.5M 16mm Hose or 20mm PVC Pipe 85*60*70mm
DC2000 2000L/H 20W 2.5M 16mm Hose or 20mm hose or 20mm PVC Pipe 90*70*90mm
DC3000 3000L/H 26W 3.5M 16mm Hose or 20mm hose or 20mm PVC Pipe 110*80*105mm
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