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Chihiros CII Led Lighting

Chihiros CII Led Lighting

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CHIHIROS C II Series LED lighting set is specifically designed for planted tank.  Good quality LEDs are used in this Chihiros lighting and it’s design is comparable with conventional T8 and T5 lighting in terms of lighting intensity and brightness.

CHIHIROS C II series LED lighting comes with a 360 Degree rotatable stand, with this it able to cover tank size 20cm to 36cm Length.

Every Chihiros C II series LED lighting comes with built in controller which function as timer, adjust light intensity and can set sunset, sunrise effect. Suitable for freshwater tanks.

Good for beginner and suitable for nano tank.

Product Specification :
Light Colour          : White
Light Casing         : Black
LED Dimension.    : 24cm L x 4.5cm W x 1cm Thickness
LED Quantity        : 60 pcs
Suit Tank size       : 20cm to 36cm Length with maximum 8mm Thickness
Power Rate           : 16W
Light Intensity      : 1600 lm

Package includes
– 360 degree rotatable stand x1
– LED lighting with built in controller x1
– Power adapter x1

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