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Dark Seiryu Stone per KG

Dark Seiryu Stone per KG

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Dark Seiryu Stone (acid-washed) is a much darker version of the popular seiryu stone. It is a very dark shade of grey, almost black with some lighter streaks. It has a very unique form with fine textures and offers the aquascaper many possibilities. 

It is often used to create 'mountain' like scenes and a popular rock used for Iwagumi style aquascaping. Also effective when combined with pieces of aquarium wood.


  • Unique form and fine textures.
  • Colour: dark grey to black.
  • Slight effect on PH and Hardness.
  • Often used in Iwagumi aquascaping.
We would suggest using 10KG per 50L. For example, for a 100L tank use 20KG. An average piece weighs approximately 2-3KG. We aim to include a range of sizes and shapes.

Code / Item Dark Mini-Landscape rock
Usage Fresh Water / Aquascaping
Weight App. 2-3kg per piece
Characteristics Gives little calcium
Sizes 10-30 cm
Other Perfect for Aquascaping
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