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Eriocaulon breviscapum

Eriocaulon breviscapum

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Eriocaulon breviscapum is a new discovery for the aquarium hobby and is still a rarity. This fine-leaved Eriocaulon has already turned out as an excellent aquarium plant. The plant develops lush tufts which are anchored by strong, long roots between rocks in the riverbed.

In its terrestrial form, Eriocaulon breviscapum has quite short leaves, it reaches its full height under water only. Its very narrow, flexible leaves resemble those of E. sp. "Japan Needle Leaf". Nutrient-rich substrate, plenty of light and sufficient CO2 supply are recommended. It is propagated by detaching of daughter rosettes which form at the base of the plant. This Eriocaulon is particularly eye-catching as solitary plant between flat-growing species.

  • Sold as a small single plant with some tiny roots.
  • Pictures are not the actual plants you will receive, but a sample representation.
Care Medium
Usage Background, Midground
Light Medium to High
Co2 Medium
Growth rate Moderate
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