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Frok T1-M LED RGB (Slim)

Frok T1-M LED RGB (Slim)

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The Frok T1-M RGB is a mid-tier aquarium light. It is capable of growing most aquarium plants in standard sized aquariums. RGB LED are used to enhance the colour of your fishes and plants. Creating a true nature aquarium colours. 
  • Each colour can be controlled (Dimmer able) individually to create the ideal spectrum you want
  • 6 prefix color setting installed by professional Aquascaper for easy start up
  • Suitable for all kind of aquarium
  • Best suited for Community Fishes and Planted Aquarium
  • Remote Control for convenient and stress free setting
  • Extendable Length of up to 10cm
  • Detail design heat-sink to keep LED lighting cool and not burning hot when touch
  • IP63 Waterproof, no more worries for water splash or lighting dropped into aquarium
  • DC24V for electrical safety even when lighting is dropping into aquarium

Product Features

Frok T1-M 30 - RGB LED (Slim)

Dimension : 30cm (L) x 8cm (W) x 8cm (H)

Suitable for tank size 30-35cm

Power : 18 watts

Frok T1-M 45 - RGB LED (Slim)

Dimension : 45cm (L) x 8cm (W) x 8cm (H)

Suitable for tank size 45-50cm

Power : 30 watts

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