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Hygrophila polysperma "Tiger"

Hygrophila polysperma "Tiger"

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Hygrophila sp. 'Tiger', named according to its distinct leaf pattern, is one of a literal flood of new plant species that have been brought into the aquarium hobby. 

Hygrophila sp. 'Tiger' is in many respects quite similar to H. polysperma. It grows to a comparable size, as rapidly (or maybe even faster), and its growth habit is also very much like that of H. polysperma. It is as undemanding and tolerates a great range of conditions. However, it differs in so far that intensive light and an ample micronutrient supply can turn a rather unimpressive plant into an interestingly coloured spectacular one. Emersed cultivation is easy, under almost all save the most extreme conditions.

When kept under very good conditions, its growth habit is more compact, and by a minimum of trimming, a highly effective bush can be achieved. This species is also a very suitable background plant.

*Pictures are not the actual plants you will receive, but a sample representation.

Care Easy
Midground, Foreground
Light Low to Medium
Co2 Not necessary but beneficial
Growth rate Very Fast
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