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Jiyin Aquatic Plants LED Light

Jiyin Aquatic Plants LED Light

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An entry-level aquatic plant light designed specifically for aquatic plants. Two different models to choose from for mainly green plants or red plants. Recommended to use both models for full spectrum colour vibrancy especially in tanks with mixture of green and red plants

Product Features
  1. Customised spectrum to promote photosynthesis of aquatic plants
  2. Colourful high index light with bright colours close to 90Ra, professional light ratio that stimulates natural light
  3. 180 degrees of light emitting surface providing a wide and even light distribution for plants to grow more evenly
  4. High lumen for a more enjoyable bright fish tank with plants being more colourful
  5. Waterproof design with silicone blending technology making the core of the whole light waterproof
  6. Fin cooling technology design to efficient dissipation of heat over a large area, extending service life
  7. Aluminium alloy material for easy cleaning
 Model Power Lengh Suitable for Tank Size Cable Length
DFS-26HC (Bright Red) 8.3W 26cm 26-35cm 1.2m
DF2026SC(Verdant) 8.6W 26cm 26-35cm 1.2m
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