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Limnobium laevigatum

Limnobium laevigatum

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South-American frogbit is a popular floating plant for aquaria that is rather undemanding and grows fast. Its round smooth leaves are attractive in open tanks, the long roots bring a very natural, primeval feel to the aquarium. Limnobium laevigatum is especially suitable for fish and shrimp breeding tanks, as it removes surplus nutrients from the water very efficiently.

The growth habit of the Amazon frogbit is comparable to other floating plants. The floating rosette forms runners regularly, at whose ends young plants grow. In calm-water zones of the aquarium, carpets of these plants will form after a relatively short time, which may lead to uncalled-for shading of the ground.

Under strong light, with good fertilisation and high air humidity, emersed leaves may form above the waterline. CO2 injection furthers growth. This plant may even flower in the aquarium, although rarely.

Propagation happens automatically. Under optimal conditions you will have a large quantity of frogbit very soon in your tank.

Many people don't see how floating plants help an aquarium layout, as they create shaded areas and grow very long vertical roots. However, just these aspects can be integrated into a design. The play of shade and light can create interesting contrasts in a layout, and the elegant-looking roots may have a very decorative effect.

*Pictures are not the actual plants you will receive, but a sample representation.

Care Easy
Water Surface
Light Low 
Co2 Not necessary but beneficial
Growth rate


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