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Ludwigia Sedioides

Ludwigia Sedioides

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The mosaic plant is truly one-of-a-kind. Mosaic plants fit their name well, as the leaves of the plant radiate from the center stem like tiles laid in a mandala. The leaves are diamond-shaped and dark to light green, with jagged red edges. This incredibly unique plant has a stem that is rooted in the substrate, but its leaves float on the surface of the water. Though this plant is more commonly found cultivated in ponds it can be a stunning addition to an aquarium. A large tank is needed to accommodate the 3-5” width of mosaic plants, especially because they will cut off light to anything underneath them.

If lighting simulates seasonal changes, these plants will bloom profusely. The small yellow blossoms resemble buttercups. Mosaic plants propagate through the seed that is produced by its flower. They spread easily in warm water with full light. If lighting is set to simulate day/night cycle, these plants will close up during dark hours and unfurl to their full width in the light. Brighter light yields redder coloring in these plants.

Care Easy
Floating, Pond
Light Medium to high

Not necessary but beneficial

Growth rate Moderate
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