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Neo Aquatic Plant Conditioner Bundle

Neo Aquatic Plant Conditioner Bundle

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Neo Guard (Size)
Neo Essence (Size)

As a planted tank matures, aquatic plant nutritional requirements respectively increases. The rise in nutrient supply demand typically occurs around 3-4 month mark despite external factors such as lighting levels, CO2 levels and aqua soil. No matter the setup, we recommend the addition of premium water conditioners that aim to support healthy aquatic plant growth.

Aquario Neo Essence provides a boost of essential amino acids which may not be found in a home aquarium. These amino acids are naturally derived and formulated to strengthen aquatic plant root structures, increase absorption of liquid fertilisers and enhance colour vibrancy. The addition of this water conditioner indirectly supports the prevention of algae growth as aquatic plants that are growing vigorously will easily outcompete algae strains from reproducing.

Aquario Neo Guard Water Conditioner is specially formulated to eliminate unwanted algae outbreaks by reducing phosphorus levels in a planted aquarium. When excess phosphorus remains in an aquarium, algae will appear. Algae outbreaks generally occur in the first few months after starting a planted aquarium or when water parameters become unbalanced.

Usage Recommendation

Neo Essence - Add 5mL Neo Essence to every 60L

Neo Guard - Add 5mL Neo Guard to every 60L a day before water change

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