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Neo Black

Neo Black

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Promotes spawning and plant growth

It promotes the spawn of fish and shrimp, and it also chelates trace elements so that the aquatic plant absorbs them.

Decrease PH

Its safe ingredient slightly lowers the PH of the tank.
Therefore, it is suitable for South American fish species and aquatic plant tanks that like weak acidic water quality.


* The degree of PH drop depends on the environment.

Contains humic , fulvic acid , trace elements

This product contains humic acid and fulvic acid, which are abundant in black water, and trace elements that are beneficial to tropical fish and aquatic plants.

Recommended usage

40 litre (approximately 10 gallons) tank with 10ml (1cap = 5 ml (300 ml product) or 10 ml (1 litre product))
Increase the usage to lower the pH


※ If you use this product, lower the PH a little.
※ The pH drop depends on the water quality of the tank. Therefore, measure the pH level at the same time.
※ Shake it before using it.
※ The color of the water in the tank changes like black water, but it gradually becomes lighter over time.
※ It may a slightly smell and natural ingredients are observed, but it is normal.
※ Use it only for aquariums and stay away from children and pets.


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