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Neo Booster Tropical

Neo Booster Tropical

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Rapid removal of pollutants

As soon as it's put in, bacteria multiply rapidly, As a result, bacteria biologically remove various pollutants such as ammonia and nitrate.
This is an eco-friendly product in a biological way, not a chemical way of removing pollutants.

Contains trace elements essential to bacteria

If there are enough organic carbon and trace elements in the tank, the bacteria consume nitrogen, where it's ammonium or nitrate.

Trace elements are especially important among them.
This product effectively supplies these various trace elements to help bacteria consume nitrates.

Shortens filtration cycle completion

In order for bacteria to survive and multiply, various nutrients must exist in the water in the tank, but the tank at the beginning of the setting does not, so it takes time for the beneficial bacteria to settle down stably

This product contains complete contents all the nuts needed to multiple bacteria, shortening the completion period of the filtration cycle in the new tank.

Contains all the nutritional sources of bacteria

In order for bacteria to survive and multiply, organic carbon, nitrogen, phosphate, and trace elemental sources such as vitamins are required. This is an all-in-one product that contains the most ideal percentage of all the nutrients that bacteria need.

* The more bacteria multiply, the less dissolved oxygen is. The degree of DO drop depends on the environment.

Recommended usage

40 litres (approximately 10 gallons) tank with 10ml (1cap = 5 ml (300 ml product) or 10 ml (1 litre product))

※ Aeration must be performed with the air pump during use.
※ If you add too much, the water may come cloudy, and in this case, change the water
※ It may a slightly smell and natural ingredients are observed, but it is normal
※ If fish has a disease, don't use it
※ Shake it before using it.
※ Use it only for aquariums and stay away from children and pets.

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