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Neo Mixer

Neo Mixer

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In the case of other companies' in-line diffusers, the CO2 dissolution efficiency is high, but the tube of the external filter has to be cut and maintenance is difficult during cleaning. We are very pleased to introduce Neo Mixer.

Neo Mixer is installed at the end of the outlet of the external filter, and the dissolution efficiency of Co2 bubbles of Neo Diffuser Tiny is very high because of the water flow at the outlet.
Neo tiny diffuser and round parts in the picture are all included free of charge
Also, unlike other companies' inline diffusers, Neo Mixer is easily attached to and detached from the oulet, and the diffusion ceramic is also very easy to separate, so maintenance using Bleach is easy.

In order not to disturb the beautiful waterscape, we provide both the left and right side mounting parts. 

It also includes round parts to reduce water flow and make diffusion more efficient.
Neo Mixer can be connected to external filters of other companies as well as Neo Flow

Regardless of version 1 or version 2, Neo Mix is available for Neo Flow, Skimmer and Relievers.

When used in conjunction with the Neo Skimmer, the Neo Mix does not downgrade the skimming ability of the Neo Skimmer at all, and the water flow changes 3 times, making the CO2 more soluble in water.

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