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Neo Plants Tab St.Long

Neo Plants Tab St.Long

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Neo Plants Tab series consists of 4 types TAB 1, K, Fe, ST.long

It is based on the best materials and technology

It can be used according to the nutritional status of aquatic plants

1. Latest fertilizer manufacturing technology

The rate of absorption of fertilizer is high and nutrients are slowly released, preventing the occurrence of algae.
This is because the CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) of the materials and fertilizer used is high. ( Higher CEC materials do not combine with other fertilizer ingredients or soils.

2. Manufacture with optimum strength

Manufactured with a strength that is slowly released to allow complete absorption

3. Use high quality materials

4. There is little impact on the bottom

How to use

- For ground aquatic plants: 5cm spacing
- For large rooted aquatic plants: one per root
- Lasts about 2 months

Adjust the usage according to the condition of Aquatic plants.
The usage is not absolute, please use it according to the water tank environment.

When algae occurs

Reduce usage and change water periodically.
Decrease the amount of co2 and reduce the lighting intensity and lighting time.
Please add shrimp and fish for algae removal.


Please use this product only as a fertilizer for aquatic plants.
Do not use it for shrimp breeding tank.
Keep out of reach of children.
Please use after enough shake. (Sediment may occur.)
In order for a aquatic plant to grow well, it should be supplied with adequate light intensity and CO2.

Neo Plants Tab St.Long

Ingredient: Organic fertilizer

Effect: Long-lasting slow-release fertilizer

When to use: When resetting, Long-rooted plants

Recommendation: Red aquatic plant


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