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Neo Solution Fe

Neo Solution Fe

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Neo Solution Fe is a liquid single nutrient fertiliser for the care of aquatic plants. It allows the targeted dosage of iron, a very important micronutrient for aquatic plants, which plays a vital role in many enzyme reactions of the chlorophyll synthesis. A sufficient supply of iron prevents typical deficiency symptoms such as bleached new leaves, provides a rich chlorophyll green and strengthens the colouration of red aquatic plants.


  • Liquid single-component fertiliser for use in aquaria

  • Supplies the plants with iron specifically

  • Prevents leaf chlorosis (bleached shoot tips) caused by iron deficiency

  • Strengthens the red colouration of aquatic plants

  • With practical pump dispenser

  • Combination with Neo Solution 1, Neo Solution 2 and Neo Solution K is recommended


Neo Solution Fe is dosed directly into the aquarium every 3 days. One pump lift corresponds to 1 ml. Fertilisation is started not earlier than 30 days after restarting the aquarium. For permanent maintenance of the plant aquarium, 2 ml of Solution Fe (1 Pump) per 20 l of aquarium water are added to the tank.

The dosage is only a guide value and can be altered depending on the aquarium in order to obtain optimum values. However, a water change of 30 - 50% should be carried out weekly to prevent individual nutrients from accumulating in the tank.

 Dosage Every 3 days
Aquarium Maintenance 1 Pump per 20L water
For fast plant growth 1 Pump per 40L water*
Low light plant aquarium 1 Pump per 20L water
Colour formation and balanced growth 2 Pump per 20L water

* Regular water change required

The stated dosages refer to a supplementary application of Neo Solution 1, Neo Solution 2 and Neo Solution K according to their dosage recommendations.


Shake the bottle well before use. Neo Solution should not be used in the shrimp breeding tank.

If algae problems occur, the amount of fertiliser should be reduced and the water should be changed regularly. Algae-eating animals such as Yamato shrimp also help to reduce increased algae growth.

300mL bottle comes with pump and 1000mL bottles comes without pump

Keep out of reach of children.


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