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NeoBag Plus

NeoBag Plus

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Quick softening and PH drop

Most freshwater ornamental fish and aquatic plants, with the exception of African cichlids, prefer weak acidity and soft water.

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain low GH by removing positive ion(cationic) components such as calcium and magnesium, and in addition, we need to take measures to lower PH.

Neo bag plus chemically adsorbs positive ion(cationic) components such as calcium and magnesium in the tank in a short period of time to make soft water, and it also quickly lowers pH to maintain weak acidity water quality.


Highest decontamination by two ways

NeoBag most efficiently removes nitrogenous, chemical compounds, and pollutants in two ways, biologically and chemically. Biological methods are stable and chemical methods are characterized by rapid removal, so applying both methods at the same time is most efficient

biological removal of organic carbon balls

For the survival and reproduction of bacteria, organic carbon, nitrogenic compounds, phosphate, and trace elements are all needed. In particular, organic carbon (the basic energy source) is needed the most among them, but in tank there is always less organic carbon and excess nitrogenic compounds and phosphate. This is harmful to fish, coral, and causes bad algae. As soon as organic carbon is supplied, for the survival and reproduction, bacteria use it as an energy source to consume (=remove) and decompose phosphate and nitrogen compounds (ammonia, nitrites, nitrate) and other pollutants


The NeoBag contains two different energy balls, white and black, which continue to provide stable organic carbon and trace elements. The organic carbon balls of NeoBag alone can remove nitrogen compounds such as nitrate and pollutants without any other ingredients

How to use

※ Use 1 bag for 60 liters, but add 1 extra bag if you want a quick effect.
※ Place in an external filter or hang-on filter or in a place where water flows best
※ The slower the water flow around the NeoBag, the less effective it is.
※ Shake in clean water about 20 times before using.
※ Black water comes out, but it's normal with the ingredients of the black energy ball.
※ The energy ball slowly disappears after a month or two.

Size of Neo Bag: 12×8 cm / 8 bags per 1 product

※ Performance depends on the flow of water in the neobag and the degree of water contamination in the tank.
※ Measure the pH periodically, and if the pH is too low, stop using it and store it in clean water.
※ Use it only for aquariums.
※ Keep away from children and pets.
※ The colour of the product may change later.

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