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Pogostemon erectus

Pogostemon erectus

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Pogostemon erectus may not be suitable for no-filter low-maintenance tanks, however, it is not very demanding and won't wither away if provided with plenty of light and CO2. In nature, the plant is also found in brackish areas, and it might be more adaptable than has been thought up to now. Relatively small differences in growing conditions may lead to varying leaf thickness and texture.

In aquascaping, this species is best used in the background of an aquarium. Only in very large tanks it can be used further to the front. If it is provided with limited nitrogen it will develop a moderate growth rate, which is easier to handle, if the nitrogen supply is too high it will grow really, really fast. Its fine light green foliage is especially effective neighbouring red or magenta-coloured plants like Persicaria praetermissa. When the shoot tip is cut off, many lateral shoots are formed, so that the group grows very dense after some time. Then thorough trimming becomes a must.

*Pictures are not the actual plants you will receive, but a sample representation.

Care Medium
Light Medium
Co2 Medium 
Growth rate Medium 
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