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Qanvee Bio Sponge Filter

Qanvee Bio Sponge Filter

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Qanvee Bio Sponge Filter is a multi-filtration equipment for shrimp or fish tank. It can be used with a combination of mechanical, chemical and biological filtration which creates clean and clear water for the aquarium.

Twin sponge filters provide both mechanical and biological filtration. Simply install an airline service into the unit and provide both aeration and filtration for your fish. Aerobic bacteria colonize the sponge providing a bacterial substance to facilitate the nitrogen cycle. In addition, the sponge traps larger waste particles mechanically cleaning the water without trapping baby fish.

They are useful for as breeding filter or as secondary filter. Or they can be used as pre-filtration unit by fitting to an external or a top filter.

Sponge can be removed manually for maintenance cleaning.

– More quiet and delicate: optimized outlet piping design, greater air output, more delicate foam and lower noise.
– All part use environmentally friendly materials, the components are made of high quality food grade plastic, safe and non-toxic for livestock
– More elegant and exquisite
– High quality suction cups, durable
– Adjustable length of pipe – use in different tank height
– Dual filter media containers: can hold a varieties of filter media, with better water purification and activation effect.
Qanvee Bio Sponge Filter comes with 2 models:
1) QS100A – can hold 100g filter media
2) QS200A – can hold 200g filter media
Model QS200A QS100A
Suitable for Tank Size 60cm or above 60cm or below
Adjustable pipe 195 to 275mm 195 to 275mm
Sponge dimension 60mm dia x108mm Height 48mm dia x 84mm Height
Bio media housing dimension 5cm Height 4cm Height
Bio media able to hold 200g
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