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Rotala sp. 'Vietnam'

Rotala sp. 'Vietnam'

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The requirements Rotala sp. 'Vietnam' are quite similar to those of Rotala wallichii. Moderate light leads to an overall green plant with red stems, whereas intensive light leads to a pretty golden colour. It also needs CO2 injection in order to grow well. The phosphate content of the water should be around 1 to 2 mg/l in order to obtain thicker stems, smaller internodes and a reddish tint. Iron and micronutrients should also be present in ample amounts. An iron deficiency results in small, weakly-coloured stems; an extreme lack may even cause the vegetation point to die off.

The growth habit of this form can be compared to that of Rotala wallichii. Rotala sp. 'Vietnam' grows vertically and produced many lateral shoots, especially if long shoots are allowed to grow along the water surface. Propagate like other stem plants: Make cuttings of top or lateral shoots and re-plant in the substrate.

Rotala sp. 'Vietnam' can be used in the middle- and background of a great number of layout types and is especially suited for aquascapes dominated by stem plants. It contrasts beautifully against red as well as green plants.

*Pictures are not the actual plants you will receive, but a sample representation.

Care Medium
Background, Midground
Light Medium to High
Co2 Medium
Growth rate Medium
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