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Saggitaria subulata

Saggitaria subulata

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The Narrow-leaved arrowhead is an undemanding grass-like plant for the middle- and background that soon forms dense groups thanks to its underground runners. It may be a bit unpredictable, as it may form a quite short lawn with lots of light and limited nutrient supply, however it develops 30 cm long leaves when the population gets dense and macronutrient supply is good. The submerged leaves are strap-shaped and up to 5 mm wide. In the aquarium it can grow a long flower stalk if the conditions are good. Its small white flowers will open outside the water.

Sagittaria subulata is one of the "longest-serving" aquarium plants. It is ideal for low-tech or no-tech tanks without a CO2 supplying system; it tolerates a high carbonate hardness, also its light demands are moderate. However Sagittaria subulata is somewhat susceptible to iron deficiency, manifesting in pale new leaves. This aquatic plant from North America is also very temperature tolerant, suitable for tropical as well as cold water tanks. With its low demands, it is particularly recommended for aquarium beginners.

Although it is sometimes recommended as a lawn in the aquarium foreground, it does not remain short in the long run. For that purpose we rather recommend the form Sagittaria subulata "Pusilla". The normal Sagittaria subulata is well suited to form large, naturally appearing, grass-like thickets in the middle- and background. However care must be taken that the plant does not overrun slow-growing, smaller plants with its runners.

*Pictures are not the actual plants you will receive, but a sample representation.

Care Easy
Foreground, Midground
Light Low
Co2 Not necessary but beneficial
Growth rate Fast
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