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Springtail Culture

Springtail Culture

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Springtails are tiny arthropods that come in 360ml - 95(W) x120(H)mm containers with dome lids containing media and moss that will keep growing for you!

Springtails are a critical part of the detritivore "cleanup crew" of a bioactive terrarium environment. The charcoal starter cultures are best for directly adding to a vivarium as a biological means of detritus management to grow in number in your enclosure. We recommend doing this after adding plants but before adding leaf litter/moss, although it's totally fine to add Springtails at any time. If the enclosure is built to the specifications outlined in Vivarium Construction 101, the Springtail population will populate the habitat and should sustain themselves indefinitely. Recommended for enclosures ranging from 55%-100% relative humidity.

They are great food for dart frogs, tiny salamanders, and baby amphibians.


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