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SUNSUN Decontamination Aquarium Water Purifier

SUNSUN Decontamination Aquarium Water Purifier

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  • SUNSUN Decontamination Purified Water is similar like Seachem Purigen

  • Control and lower the algae, ammonia, nitrites, phosphate, tannin, brownish water and also polishes the water

  • Make your aquarium water become crystal clear

  • Shrimp & fish safe products

  • Included Mesh Bag

  • 220ml use for 1.5ft -2.5ft tank

  • 500ml use for 2.5ft - 5ft tank

  • 100ml Treat 150L aquarium water

Product Usage

  1. Take out and wash for 2 minutes with tap water.
  2. Place at below the sponge filter aquarium.
  3. Put it in your filter. Before or after bio media also can.
  4. For Recharged/Re-used: - Recharge by soaking in concentrated salt water (1KG salt in 5 or 6L water) for 1 night then wash with clean water.
Package includes: 1 PC SUNSUN Decontamination Purified Aquarium Water with Mesh
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