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SUNSUN XBA Series Hang on Back Filter

SUNSUN XBA Series Hang on Back Filter

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(1)Activated carbon plate filtration, better purification effect.Comes with filter baffle, containing activated carbon to absorb odour and purify water quality. Other aluminium materials can be placed in the space or directly taken out and replaced. Other filter materials can improve the filtering effect according to personal needs.
Note: The pump contains an activated carbon plate. Other filter materials need to be purchased separately.

(2)Floating design, with the floating oil film and impurities of the water level being sucked into the vortex mouth, the water surface is cleaner.Waterfall-type widened water outlet platform, large flow, smooth water, oxygen fully dissolved water, improve dissolved oxygen.Oil film adjustment switch to adjust the amount of water intake.

(3)High-quality stainless steel rotor wear-resistant, light seawater dual-use

(4)Thickened sealed motor room, less than 35 dB running filter without noise, energy saving and more comfortable

Product parameter:
Model: XBA-300
Power: 2.5W
Voltage: 220-240V
Flow: 300L/h
Applicable fish tank size: Suitable for fish tanks below 40cm
Size: 14.5X12X33.5cm
Power cord length: 1.38m

Model: XBA-500
Power: 5W
Voltage: 220-240V
Flow: 500L/h
Applicable fish tank size: Suitable for fish tanks below 60cm
Size: 21X12.5X36cm
Power cord length: 1.38m

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