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SUNSUN XBL Series External Filter

SUNSUN XBL Series External Filter

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Sunsun Fish Tank Filter Hang On Filter XBL Series


1.Simple appearance, practical and effective

2.Strong flow with good filtration effect

3.Small size, does not occupy extra space

4.The water inlet and outlet components are exquisite and easy to disassemble

5. Effective filtration, materials can be placed freely with user's needs

6. With oil skimming capabilities, the effect of surface films is better

Biomedia can be purchased here

 Filter Model Output  Dimension Suitable for Tank Size
XBL-300 300L/h 120x82x185mm up to 40cm
XBL-400 300L/h 140x87x220mm up to 50cm
XBL-500 500L/h 165x95x260mm up to 60cm
XBL-600 500L/h 195x100x300mm up to 80cm
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