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Vallisneria sp. 'asiatica'

Vallisneria sp. 'asiatica'

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This decorative, medium high Vallisneria with twisted leaves is delivered by water plant nurseries as "Vallisneria asiatica". It might belong to Vallisneria asiatica var. biwaensis, however this variety differs by narrower leaves. According to the suppliers, "asiatica" does not exceed 30 cm under normal conditions.

The favourable temperature range is indicated as 22-28 °C. As well as many other Vallisnerias, it is an easy aquarium plant, however a nutrient-rich bottom and at least medium lighting are beneficial for its growth. It multiplies by runners, that should be considered for placing in the aquarium.

With its moderate height of about 30 cm, this Vallisneria fits well in the background of smaller aquariums. It also looks very well as a stand in the midground of taller tanks.

*Pictures are not the actual plants you will receive, but a sample representation.

Care Easy
Light Low
Co2 Not necessary but beneficial
Growth rate Fast
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