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Aquascape Setup Service

Aquascape Setup Service

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GardenAquaria provides a service for anyone who wishes to own a planted tank without the hassle of setting one up. We will work with you on your preferred aquascape style and create your desired planted tank.

All that is required is to confirm your order and the process includes

  1. Discussing and finalising the design of the aquascape
  2. Start preparing the materials needed (lead time 5-7 days) 
  3. Schedule to build the aquascape together if you wish (may take 1-3 days depending on complexity of design)
  4. Upon completion of the tank, we will guide you through the maintenance tasks that needs to be done by you to ensure success of the aquascape

Setup packages comes with:

  • Substrates (aquasoil/gravel and fertiliser)
  • Hardscapes (rocks/wood)
  • Live aquatic plants
  • All necessary additives and conditioners
  • Aquascape Design

 *Images are for illustrative purposes only and price does not include tank and equipment

Aquarium Maintenance and Service Package Available: Contact Us to find out more!

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