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Chihiros Doctor 3rd Generation

Chihiros Doctor 3rd Generation

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  • After two generations of Chihiros Doctor product development,the new generation of Chihiros Doctor is designed to replace the previous version which offers only individual application for one Doctor’s device.
  • Now the new Chihiros Doctor has integrated 3 application covering usage of aquatic plants, fish and shrimp keeping into only a single Doctor device.
  • Maintaining functions of restraining and suppressing algae growth, promoting growth of aquatic plants, protection for fish and shrimps.
  • Constant elimination of pathogenic bacteria and precaution of biological diseases, etc.
  • CHIHIROS DOCTOR simplifies the complex ecosystem, and simplifies the operating steps, which greatly promotes users’ experience by integrating all operating mode for different aquarium water volume into a single device.
  • Covering up to 90% aquarium sizes in the market, hence reducing users’ cost of spending and offers them greater convenience to take care of their beloved aquarium.


1) Inhibit green algae and promote plants growth

  • Inhibit phytoplankton initial growth and reproduction.
  • Activate micro elements to promote plants growth
  • Promotion of plants growth activates photosynthesis to stabilize ecosystem.

2) Kill the crustacean pathogenic bacteria

  • Automatically kill the pathogenic bacteria in the water in each hour through direct and indirect disinfection, which greatly improves the survival rate of juvenile prawns.

3) Depend on strong sterilization capabilities effectively kill pathogens

  • Aeromonas hydrophila Aeromonas “Aeromons hydrophila”, herpes, fungal, coli forms and other 99.9% kill efficiency results test.

4) Safe because of coexistence with filter bacteria

  • As there is no residual toxicity, it is limited to aerobic bacteria.
  • Compared to UV sterilizer, Chihiros DOCTOR does not work steadily so regenerating and recovery of filter bacteria is rapid.

5) ALC program is intelligent management algorithm

  • Aquarium environment changes according to initial, middle, last stage, sterilizing intensity and operation cycle is intelligently designed to change by time series.
  • As ALC program can simply choose a mode according to a aquarium capacity, it is very easy to use.

Choose either “Touch Screen” or “Bluetooth” Version. Bluetooth version can be used with our Chihiros Magic Apps or My Chihiros to do setting, while Touch Screen version you can do setting directly by pressing on the device itself.

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