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CO2 Proof Tubing (per metre)

CO2 Proof Tubing (per metre)

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CO2 Tubing is a commonly overlooked essential for your CO2 set up.  Many make the mistake of using regular airline tubing to connect the regulator to diffuser. Typical airline tubing is inefficient because the CO2 can permeate through the silicone membrane. CO2 leak in a room can attract insects such as flies and mosquitoes which are naturally drawn to carbon dioxide.  


  • Designed specifically for use with CO2 regulators
  • Precise fitting onto CO2 regulator's output line to prevent the tubing from popping off under high pressure.
  • Diameter: 4mm inner / 6mm outer

Sold by per meter. If you require 5 metres, for example, change the quantity to 5 and you will be sent a single 5m length.

Advice: Because Polyurethane tubing is much stronger than conventional PVC or Silicon tubing, it doesn't stretch as much, so to avoid potential damage to your glass or plastic diffusers/bubble counter when connecting it, it is advisable to dip the end of the tubing in freshly boiled water for 10 seconds to soften it.

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