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Hakkai Stone per KG

Hakkai Stone per KG

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Hakkai Stone is a premium dark bluish-green stone that features smooth edges and a river stone appearance. This aquascaping rock is adorned with irregular holes that make this stone look as though it has been partially consumed by bugs, giving it the nickname "Bug-Eaten Rock". These holes are produced slowly over time and are caused by natural erosion.

Due to its unique looks and interesting character, Hakkai Stone, also known as Pahai Stone is highly sought after by planted tank enthusiasts throughout and is still a rare commodity in the planted aquarium hobby. Its dark coloration is sure to pop against colorful aquarium plants and in river bed style aquascapes. On the density scale, Hakkai is one of the heaviest stones available on the market. 

If you enjoy river scapes, river-style planted aquariums or Iwagumi layouts, Hakkai Stone is a top contender! We recommend pairing this stone with delicate aquarium plant species or grass-like aquatic plants for a calm, scenic planted aquarium. 

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