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Jiyin Single Clip LED Light

Jiyin Single Clip LED Light

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Japan design technology with a simple, thin, light and elegant design. Made from premium high quality aluminium alloy case with a thickness of just 6.45mm.

Product Features
  1. Bright and translucent offering 1127lm of clear and bright blue and white light with wide angle lighting. Clear presentation of 90.8Ra vivid colour
  2. Easy side clip extendable up to 4cm
  3. No strobe or flicker which makes viewing more comfortable 
  4. Body made from high quality aluminium alloy
  5. Isolated power supply for safe and stable low-voltage output while improving service life of LEDs
 Model Power Length Suitable for Tank Size Cable Length
21DF1016 4.0W 16cm 16-25cm 1.5m
21DF1026 6.5W 26cm 26-35cm 1.5m
21DF1036 10W 36cm 36-45cm 1.5m
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