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Neo CO2 Diffuser Original (Extend)

Neo CO2 Diffuser Original (Extend)

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The NEO CO2 Diffuser Extend type is an acrylic CO2 diffuser with an extra long pipe which can be individualized very easily by a special heat technique. Dangling around hoses disappear from your aquarium tank's surrounding and your whole aquarium setup looks organized and tidier than before. The special ceramic membrane produces a fine mist and the CO2 gets dissolved very quickly. The diffuser itself is very narrow and connects to the pipe at its side.


Inside the package you will find two extra pipes of 16cm length which you may use to try this innovative technique before using the actual product. By heating up the pipe the acrylic material becomes flexible. It can then be adjusted to any form you need in your aquarium. Among the product pictures there is a simple summary.

  • Insert the enclosed rubber strip into the acrylic pipe.
  • Heat the pipe with a lighter while rotating at a distance of 1-3 cm.
  • As soon as the acrylic material is softened it can be curved.
  • The inserted rubber strip minimises the chance of reducing the inner diameter of the pipe. It can now be removed.
  • For finest bubbles it is advisable to soak the diffuser for 10 minutes, so that all membrane pores get soaked completely.
  • If the bubbles get bigger with time, you can clean the membrane with bleach. You will find a detailed description below.

Tips for application:

  • If the flame is too close to the pipe it will get black from soot. Please keep the distance named above.
  • If the pipe is not rotated while heating, the bend will appear unattractive and have overlapping material inside the curve.
  • As soon as the material is softened, it is advisable to act firm and quickly to prevent the material from cooling while adjusting.
  • When aiming at a 180° curve, it is best to move the flame back and forth for a while in order to get a larger soft acrylic area.
  • If you want to bend the pipe around your aquarium tank's wall, you do not necessarily need two bends. Just make use of a 180° curve and hold both pipe ends very tightly to the wall. The 180° will slowly expand adequately.


 Size Tiny S M L
Membrane diameter 8mm 12mm 17mm 24mm
Suitable for tank volume  ~ 50L ~ 100L 100 ~ 200L  > 200L
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