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Wabi Kusa Micranthemum tweediei "Monte Carlo"

Wabi Kusa Micranthemum tweediei "Monte Carlo"

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This wabikusa range allows easy planting of your favourite carpeting plant. A plug and play concept whereby the substrate ball can be placed just underneath the substrate and watch it carpet without any problems of your plant floating when filling up the tank.

Micranthemum tweediei is a highly interesting and recommendable ground-covering plant that's still a rarity. It was collected on a riverbank in the province Misiones in North Argentine by some Japanese, and it was named after the place where it was found: Micranthemum sp. "Montecarlo-3". This plant is also known under the name "New Large Pearl Grass", and in South America as "Bacopita". It looks like a larger version of Hemianthus callitrichoides, but it is also somewhat similar to "standard" Micranthemum umbrosum. It grows flat on the ground, forming a compact mat. The roundish leaves are a bit smaller and of a darker green than those of M. umbrosum. When planted in an elevated place, loose shoots will bow to the ground. This Micranthemum is easier in cultivation than Hemianthus callitrichoides.

*Pictures are not the actual plants you will receive, but a sample representation.

Care Easy
Foreground, ground cover
Light Medium
Co2 Not necessary but beneficial
Growth rate Medium
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